When your looking into hair extensions there are so many brands and so many methods to choose from, and this can make your decision difficult!

I trained in Hair extensions 8 years ago and have done many courses since then to always keep up to date for my clients. I am trained in pre-bonded, tape and micro locks. after using all of these methods I have found locks to be a number one choice for comfort, feel, look and are gentle to your hair

Micro locks are one of the smallest and lightweight methods of extensions today.  Applied using tiny copper or aluminium micro-rings, which are attached to individual strands of your own hair, this method involves no heat and no glue. Meaning these are applied and taken out with no damange and are gentle on your hair

I use two main brands - BeautyWorks and Remi Catchet, both of these are reusable and can be re-applied and will last many months with the correct after care and maintenance.

They are double drawn hair specifically processed by hand to ensure each strand is the same length. They also both come in packs of 50 Strands except for the Remi Ulta Locks.


Beauty Works Celebrity Choice hair is made using the finest quality, 100% Remy human hair. Hand selected and cuticle retained, our virgin hair is specifically processed to ensure that the protective layer of the cuticle remains intact and faces the same direction from root to tip. This ensures natural shine and vitality, allowing the hair to behave tangle-free throughout its lifetime. Reusable for multiple salon applications, our Remy hair can be reapplied and will last many months with the correct aftercare and maintenance.

Remi Catchet

Remi Cachet Mini Tips® Hair Extensions are produced using the Remi Cachet Elegance Hair which is sourced from the southern regions of Russia and Mongolia. HAIR AWARDS Best Extension Finalist 2019, 2018 and WINNER 2017

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